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Oklahoma's Higher Education chief Information Officer 

Von RoyalAs Oklahoma’s higher education chief information officer, I am tasked with championing collaborations among our state’s institutions and providing executive leadership for OneNet. Through both of these roles, I lead initiatives ranging from driving digital transformation for the clients OneNet serves to promoting STEM educational technologies. I also have the opportunity to play a key role in deploying cybersecurity defenses for OneNet and our network of clients.

I am excited to see collaborations across not only higher education, but all of Oklahoma's educational entities, including K-12 and career technology centers. These collaborations also extend to our state's libraries, state agencies, tribal governments, municipalities and health care providers. All of these groups are coming together to better serve the citizens of our great state.

I ask you to join our efforts in seeking ways we can work together to expand technology services across our state. We hope you will learn more about digital transformation, educational technologies, cybersecurity and other initiatives that are vital to the success of our state.

You can learn more about these initiatives by reading my executive director column at

I invite you to provide feedback on any of my columns by sending me a message at

Best regards,

Vonley Royal