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Mental Health Collaborative Week  

During the week of April 19-23, 2010, 85 professionals representing mental health centers, higher education institutions and career technology centers met at 14 regional sites throughout the state. The purpose of these meetings was to identify opportunities for collaboration and to combine resources to enhance the mental health services available on postsecondary campuses.

Prior to the meeting, participants were asked to complete a needs and assets survey. At the conclusion of the meeting, each region submitted a report on the results of the meeting.

Based on the reports submitted, the meetings were well-received by the participants. For many, this was the first time that the participants had met. Participants used the opportunity to become better acquainted with services available at the community mental health centers, and contact information was exchanged.

Several "next steps" were commonly identified, including setting up additional meetings, agreeing to continue sharing information about available services, developing more mental health training opportunities for school counselors (particularly in the area of suicide prevention and identifying "signs and symptoms"), establishing protocols for dealing with mental health crises and establishing campus "threat assessment" teams. 

Below are links to results of a regional needs and assets assessment, the contact list of meeting participants and the complete reported outcomes from each meeting. Contact Sharon Bourbeau at 405.225.9182 or for more details.

Regional Needs and Assets Assessment (Excel, 175k)
Contact List of Meeting Participants (PDF, 69k)
Reported Outcomes From Each Meeting (PDF, 75k)

Map of Oklahoma showing Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) Coverage Areas (Regions). Regions described in text below.