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FY 2021 Funding Request

FY 2020 Appropriation: $802,070,058

FY 2021 Budget Need:

  1. STEM Workforce Development Initiatives: $50,200,000
    1. STEM and engineering workforce needs: $30,000,000
    2. Nursing workforce needs: $12,000,000
    3. Double the number of physician residency slots (per year for 10-year period): $8,200,000

  2. Operational Cost Increases: $50,000,000
    1. 3.5% faculty pay increases – Phase II: $20,200,000
    2. Systemwide mandatory cost increases: $25,500,000
    3. Restoration of scholarship programs (National Guard Waiver and Teacher Shortage Employment Incentive Program: $2,200,000
    4. Strategic innovations: $2,100,000

  3. Deferred Maintenance for Campus Infrastructure (Section 13 Offset) – Phase II: $5,800,000

  4. Concurrent Enrollment Program (full funding for high school juniors): $7,000,000

  5. Endowed Chair State Matching Funds Bond Authorization and Debt Service: $12,000,000

FY 2021 Total Budget Need: $927,070,058